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Strategy & Organization

Our TV network began to travel towards great progress in media. Despite the current number of media outlets, all the media in Tamil language are based on a party or individual. Create a change in the media. Develop a nation for growth, national unity, and promote patriotism among the people. Our TV network is initiated to act as a bridge to the people's problems. There is no doubt that there will be a new dimension in the media.

Worldwide News

A strong media that represents all ages in Hindu Rastra should be present in the present situation to illustrate our culture and spiritual knowledge in the form of entertainment agenda. Increasingly, Hindus do not rarely train Hindus about their belief in practical belief, and the belief in the mainstream media is often understood by the media about Hinduism.

Our Policy

NAM TV NEWS will act as advocacy organization for the Hindu community. This media will educates the public about Hinduism, speaks out about issues affecting Hindus worldwide, and builds bridges with institutions and individuals whose work aligns with our soul objectives. We would focuses on human and civil rights, public policy, media, academia, and interfaith relations. Through its advocacy efforts and would seek to cultivate leaders and empower future generations of Hindus.


The directors of this media have the most dignity of the Sanatana Dharma. Indian nationalism, belief in God, tradition, culture, and culture are all those who have a great sense of preservation. Though these nationalists are created by God in different places, they are consensing with thoughts and actions. It is noteworthy that despite the normal family background, the patriotism is remarkable.

Revenue Model

Our multi-tiered Revenue model is based on Merchandising, Partnership, Advertising, and Distribution, Events, Sales and Online revenue. We have a 5 Stream Inflow Revenue model. Potential revenue streams are continuously revisited to align with the distinctive value add of our media offering.

This is a Joint Effort

We believe the media is really useful. We actively assist in obtaining Hindu information, providing broader network access to Hindu perspectives and great spiritual leaders and academics about contemporary issues.

Our Vision

Current scenario requires a strong media to represent all ages in Hindu rastra to enlighten them with our culture & spiritual in the form of entertaining programs